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    Bloom Botanics CBD Dosing Guide

    Bloom Botanics CBD Dosing Guide

    With CBD's huge popularity, many people are wanting to try it for themselves to see what the hype is all about. However, many are put off right away because they are confused and have no idea where to start. Also, because CBD has very little regulation, there are no official recommendations as to how much to take from the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).

    It is also worth mentioning that many are touting CBD as the new cure-all for anything and everything you can think of. While there have been some recent new studies that show some very promising results, there just isn't enough concrete evidence to definitively say it will help you. 

    That is why CBD is sold as a food supplement, and it is always best to make sure you are sourcing your CBD from a reputable brand. Always look for companies that provide third-party lab testing and list all their ingredients. That way you can be sure to know exactly what is in your product. Bloom Botanics makes sure to only sell brands that provide third-party lab reports for this very reason. 

    Choosing the correct Cannabidiol (CBD) dosage for yourself might seem a little technical or even intimidating at first, but it is actually much more simple than you would think. In fact, there are a few different ways you can figure out what the best amount of CBD is for you.

    Due to the nature of CBD, all of these suggestions are approximate and will take a bit of trial and error when finding the best CBD dose for yourself. Speaking with a medical professional before taking CBD is also the best practice in finding out if it is right for you. Below you will find three different techniques to find your CBD dose.

    Based on your Body Weight

    A good way to determine how much CBD to start taking basing it off of your body weight.  As you can see from this chart, it is quite simple to choose either a microdose or to choose to start on a standard dosage and continue on. Either option is perfect for beginners or long-time users alike. 

    Many people like to enter the CBD world by micro-dosing, which is basically taking very small doses of CBD over the course of the day. Those who choose to microdose their CBD believe that they are able to experience their CBD for longer periods of time rather than taking the full daily dose all at once and having it wear off quicker. It is all personal preference as to which method will work best. 



    MICRO DOSING (mg/day)




    .8 - 8

    12 - 40


    .9 - 9

    13.5 - 45


    1 - 10

    15 - 50


    1.1 - 11

    16.5 - 55


    1.2 - 12

    18 - 60


    1.3 - 13

    19.5 - 65


    1.4 - 14

    21 - 70


    1.5 - 15

    22.5 - 75


    1.6 - 16

    24 - 80


    1.7 - 17

    25.5 - 85


    1.8 - 18

    27 - 90


    1.9 - 19

    28.5 - 95


    2 - 20

    30 - 100


    2.1 - 21

    31.5 - 105


    2.2 - 22

    33 - 110


    2.3 - 23

    34.5 - 115

    240 +

    2.4 - 24

    36 - 120

    It is always best to start on the lowest dosage and then use a process of trial and error to decide how much is right for you. Some people find using a diary to take notes on any side effects or how they feel when taking CBD helps them to determine if they are taking too much or too little.

    Dosing CBD Oil

    Gradually increasing your dosage from small to large

    This method is all about listening to your body and deciding what is right for you. You can either choose your smallest dose on your own, or use the chart above and find the smallest recommended dose, and then gradually increase the dose when you feel that you need more. 

    This is usually done over a few weeks. For instance, one will try the smallest dose for a few days and keep note of how it has affected them. If they notice any benefits, then stay on that dose until they feel it needs to be gradually increased. 

    If there has been no change after a few days, then gradually increase the dose by 1 to 2 milligrams and again, observe for the next 3 days of how it is affecting you. This is then done every few days or so until you have found the right dose for you.

    This method tends to be the most recommended one because there is no definitive answer of how much CBD to take and it allows the user to be more perceptive of how the product makes them feel. 

    When first trying CBD, you do not have to get the strongest and most expensive product, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to make a sale. However, it is definitely important to make sure you are looking for a product with a reasonable strength (1% or higher) and if you are unsure how strong your CBD is our CBD Calculator can help you determine the strength. This is why we recommend making sure it is from a company that provides proof with third-party lab reports.  

    Following the recommended dose on the packaging of your CBD product

    Following the dosage suggestion printed on the packaging of your CBD products is the simplest way to find out how much CBD to take. 

    The recommended dosages usually vary depending on the strength of the CBD (meaning the amount per millilitre or milligram) or depending on the type of CBD product. For example, whole-plant CBD pastes/extracts or CBD Isolates can be very strong, as these are not diluted in anything; so you will want to stay within the directed dosage on the packaging. Whereas CBD Oil is whole plant extract diluted in a carrier such as hemp seed or coconut oil and will not be as strong.

    Again, start on the lowest dosage and then use a process of trial and error to decide how much is right for you. You'll notice we mention this in every option of dosing because it really is the best way to determine how much CBD you need for your body. 

    Always follow any safety precautions on the packaging of your products, always read any warnings or suggestions, and always read up on the product itself before ingesting it. Most importantly, always pay attention to how you feel. 

    CBD Oil Dose

    How Much CBD is Too Much?

    As mentioned above, many people may be a bit hesitant about trying CBD at first with fears of taking too much CBD. However, what many people do not realise is that CBD has very little side effects, is not psychoactive or addictive. Of course, like pretty much everything else, if you do take too much at once, you may experience effects such as nausea, diarrhoea, or slight discomfort. These reactions have typically only happened when an excessive amount of CBD has been taken. 

    Another thing to keep in mind is that CBD may affect certain medications that interact with the P-450 System in the same way that grapefruit can. Our list of medications can be found here, and it is always best to speak with a medical professional if this is a concern of yours. 

    CBD Capsules

    What is the Easiest Way to Get a Full Dose?

    This is a question which many people ask on the internet, and the answer to this is actually quite simple. If you are the type of person who would rather not have to measure out each day’s dose with a dropper, there are easier ways for you to get a good dose.

    By far the simplest way to correctly measure out your CBD dose is with CBD tablets or capsules. Tablets and capsules are already measured out, and they are usually measured to be one or two per day, depending on the CBD content. With capsules and tablets, all you have to do is take one as you go about your day, and you are sure to get the right amount of CBD.

    Similarly, you can usually get this same precise measurement of CBD with CBD gummies or edibles. They are tasty and they all come measured out with a clear-cut amount of CBD so you don’t have to think about it at all! You can also get different strengths, so you can choose how much CBD you get in each daily dose.

    The type of CBD to take is all a matter of personal preference. If you would like to learn more about what types of CBD to take and how to take them, check out our Beginners Guide to CBD

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