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Bloom Botanics CBD Dosing Guide

How to Choose the Right CBD Dosage

Choosing the correct CBD dosage for yourself might seem a little technical and maybe a bit intimidating at first, but the most important thing is to remember that it is really quite simple, and you can choose your dosage based on a few different things which we have listed below.

But before we get down to business, it is worth mentioning that taking CBD is something which should be considered as a dietary supplement, though some people do report feeling certain types of relief, such as pain relief, anxiety relief, and other effects like these.

Therefore, dosing your CBD should be very simple, since all you’re mainly trying to do is get your body a good amount of CBD that it may take and distribute throughout its system, as it would any other nutrient; and that taking a lot of CBD probably won’t change much of the effect it actually has on your body.

Based on your Body Weight

One of the most popular ways to find the correct CBD dosage for your body is by taking into consideration your body weight and working on from there. You see, your body weight will determine how much CBD is required to be passed around throughout your system and still have an effect on it. Below is a little guidance chart which you may use to find your correct CBD dosage:







.8 - 8

12 - 40


.9 - 9

13.5 - 45


1 - 10

15 - 50


1.1 - 11

16.5 - 55


1.2 - 12

18 - 60


1.3 - 13

19.5 - 65


1.4 - 14

21 - 70


1.5 - 15

22.5 - 75


1.6 - 16

24 - 80


1.7 - 17

25.5 - 85


1.8 - 18

27 - 90


1.9 - 19

28.5 - 95


2 - 20

30 - 100


2.1 - 21

31.5 - 105


2.2 - 22

33 - 110


2.3 - 23

34.5 - 115

240 +

2.4 - 24

36 - 120

As you can see from this chart, it is quite simple to choose either a microdose with which you can begin if you are new to CBD, or to choose a standard dosage with which you can also start, and continue. All you need to do is find your body weight on the chart, and follow up and see which dose fits you best, between micro or standard. If you do not see your weight on our chart, the math is quite simple, and you can definitely find the perfect dose for you!

Gradually increasing your dosage from small to large

Many people like to enter the CBD world by micro-dosing, or taking very small doses of CBD, and then gradually increase their dosage as their body gets more and more accustomed to the supplement.

This method is quite easy to understand, and you can choose your smallest dose on your own, or use the chart above and find your microdose, and take the smallest amount appropriate for you.

Another simple and easy way to start out is by getting a very mild strength CBD oil product and taking either the directed dose or taking a smaller amount than that. You will ensure then that you are getting CBD, but not a very strong dose and not a large quantity, either. After you feel like you are ready to move up to a stronger CBD product, it is very easy to switch products or begin to take a bit more of the one you have. As you can see, it is really quite simple to start this way, and it is quite simple to work your way up, too!

Following the dosage on the packaging of your CBD product

Following the dosage suggestion printed on the packaging of your CBD products is, naturally, quite important as it is; but it is also great and easy because you can always be sure that you are getting the correct amount of CBD.

The recommended dosages usually vary depending on the strength of the CBD (meaning the amount per millilitre or milligram) or depending on the type of CBD product it is. For example, pure CBD oil or isolates can be very strong, as these are not diluted in anything; so you will want to stay within the directed dosage on the packaging. But if it is a CBD oil diluted in a carrier such as a hemp oil, it will not be too strong, and you can find your own dosage much more easily.

Always follow any safety precautions on the packaging of your products, always read any warnings or suggestions, and always read up on the product itself before ingesting it; but after you’re well acquainted with everything, you can then go about your day with the CBD dosage which best suits you.

How to Make Sure Your Dosage is Correct

This is an aspect of taking CBD which many people tend to dread for fear of not getting the correct amount of CBD in their daily dosages and either taking too much or too little. Well to that we say do not fear, as you will learn below, there is no possibility of overdosing on CBD, but making sure you’re getting the right amount of CBD for your lifestyle and/or necessities is important.

The best way to make sure your dosage is accurate is by getting well acquainted with the type of measuring method you will be using, be it a dropper, a scoop spoon, an amount by weight, or separate units such as gummies or tablets, etc.

Once you know your way around your measuring devices and methods, getting the correct dose is going to be quite simple for you, and you don’t have much to worry about outside of that. Many people that lead a busy lifestyle also like to pre-measure their CBD in different ways so that they have everything ready to grab and go about their day.

How Much CBD is Too Much?

As mentioned above, many people may be a bit hesitant at first for fear of taking too much CBD. Well, there is nothing you have to fear about that at all, because overdosing on CBD is not possible, as it is not psychoactive or harmful. Of course, like pretty much everything else, if you do take too much at once, you may experience effects such as nausea, diarrhoea, or slight discomfort.

There are certain things you can do to keep your intake precise, as mentioned in the section above, so while there is a possibility of making a mistake on your daily dose or taking more than you had planned, there are, as of now, no real consequences other than nausea, diarrhoea, or discomfort.

What’s the Easiest Way to Get a Full Dose?

This is a question which many people ask on the internet, and the answer to this is actually quite simple. If you are the type of person who would rather not have to measure out each day’s dose with a dropper r otherwise, there are easier ways for you to get a good dose:

The best and easiest way is to switch from a CBD in oil form and change it out for tablets or capsules of your liking. Tablets and capsules come already measured out, and they are usually measured to be one or two per day, depending on the CBD content. With capsules and tablets, all you have to do is take one as you go about your day, and you are sure to get the right amount of CBD.

Another simple and quick way to get your CBD is by getting some CBD gummies or edibles. They are tasty and they all come measured out to the correct and precise amount of CBD you’ll be needing for the day, so you don’t have to think about it at all! You can also get different strengths, so you can choose how much CBD you get in each daily dose.

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