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    Who are Bloom Botanics and Who do we Love?

    Here at Bloom Botanics, we offer you a vast variety of different products and ways to take and use CBD. We always want our customers to have the best products in their lives because we believe that CBD has the power to empower people in their daily lives, and we want all our lovely customers to be able to feel at home on our website. We care about you, and we want you to always be more than happy with your purchase.

    Here on our online store, we have compiled a huge variety of different products that contain different levels of CBD, derived from either Cannabis or Hemp. We carry our own amazing brand of CBD products; which are made from the best cannabis and hemp grown around Europe, and we make every product with care and love. We also carry many well-known brands and many public favourites among which are brands like Love CBD, Harmony CBD, and The Original Alternative (formerly known as the CBD Brothers).

    We are confident that our specially curated collections will have something to offer to everyone that visits our site, which is why we have such a wide variety. Among our collections are CBD oils derived from both hemp and cannabis, CBD extracts, full spectrum CBD products and many more.

    You’ll find that we put a lot of effort into carefully choosing each individual product based on quality, consistency and ease of use. We really do take our time to think about exactly what you might need or like, so we can offer you high quality, consistent and easy to use products that you will love to use in your daily life.

    Whether you are looking for a pure CBD extract, a full spectrum CBD oil, or even gummies, we have everything you might need; sourced from the most reliable and quality controlled brands. That way, when you find what you are looking for, we can offer the best of the best on the market, without you having to do all the work. In other words, we want to create a place you can come to feel cared for, appreciated and safe.

    We know that this is a fairly new business in the UK and that quality control is sometimes the cause of inconsistent CBD products. That’s why we only source our goods from places we know are enthusiastic about offering high-quality CBD.

    Another very important point we’d like to point out is that we value natural and organic products that are made from happy plants. By this, we mean that we don’t source from brands that use harsh pesticides, harmful chemicals or any artificial fertilizers. We know how much this can alter the plant, and subsequently, the CBD extracted from it, so we make a point of sourcing only the best organic products. On that note, you’ll find that the vast majority of our products all contain 100% natural and organic additional ingredients, including our edibles and creams collection.

    Brands We Carry

    Next, we’d like to introduce to you the amazing brands we source our products from. You’ll notice they all share the same general goal as we do, which is the goal of helping people understand CBD and making the highest quality CBD possible. We love that all these brands are more than enthusiastic about their research and their plans for distributing knowledge as well as products. We hope you feel at home whenever you visit our site.


    Love CBD Logo

    Love CBD is one of the oldest brands on the UK market today. Founded in late 2014 in Newmarket, Suffolk as a family business. They have been researching and creating wonderfully reliable products since the start and have been a public favourite for many years. They started out by noticing that the CBD industry needed a brand that delivered consistent products that are just as high quality as they claim to be.

    Since their establishment, Love CBD has been actively participating in what they call the “Cannabis Revolution” in a fight to legalize this amazing ingredient [CBD]. Thanks to their participation and establishment as one of the first companies to produce and sell CBD, there have been so many advancements in technology and so many legal goals met.

    That may be our opinion, but what does the public have to say? Well, the public has welcomed Love CBD with open arms from the start thanks to their transparency and goals as a company. There are comments, reviews and even whole reports on Love CBD which show a great appreciation for all the hard work they put into their products, and the amazing quality of their CBD. They are definitely doing something right, and we see their value as a unique brand in today’s market. That is why we wanted to make them available to you on our site.

    Below are some of the public’s favourite Love CBD products:

    CBD Balm: Claimed to be one of the UK’s strongest CBD balms, this has been a favourite since its debut. It is made from all-natural, synthetic fertilizer free, harmful chemical free and pesticide free cannabis flowers. The additional ingredients found in this cream are organic coconut oil, shea butter, lavender essential oil and grapeseed oil among other natural ingredients.

    Dutch CBD: In their Dutch CBD collection they offer an array of CBD oil sprays and CBD capsules. The name Dutch CBD is thanks to the origin of their cannabis and hemp plants; which are grown in the best fields with the best caretakers in the Netherlands. The oil sprays range from 150mg to 500mg, which gives the client options; and the capsules contain 5mg each of CBD and CBDa, giving it more than one active ingredient.

    Entourage Oil:This range of oils is made from numerous different strains or types of CBD to embrace the “entourage effect”; which, in short, states that a mixture of the naturally occurring components in cannabis and hemp other than just CBD, can enhance the effect of CBD itself. These oils come in a variety of strengths (meaning different dosages), and the capsules also come in different dosages. One of these products are just as effective as the other, the only difference is that you can incorporate the oil into other things, whereas you just take the CBD capsule and you’re done.

    Love Hemp Logo

    Though their names are practically the same, Love Hemp is a separate company from Love CBD. This company started in early 2015, and they pride themselves one of the first hemp derived CBD brands on the market. Since their start in the early CBD development days, they have also contributed greatly to the “Cannabis Revolution” by being present during the trial periods, etc.

    The UK also embraced Love Hemp, since for many this was considered a safer alternative, because, at the time, CBD was still stigmatized as something that could or would intoxicate you. So, for many people, knowing that their CBD was derived from hemp which produces only small traceable amounts of THC, this was a better option.

    Of course, since those thoughts and assumptions have been greatly proven wrong, many people do not have the same fears. Love Hemp has dedicated themselves to provide certainty to their clients by making all of their CBD products from a low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the component in cannabis which produces psychoactive effects) hemp plants, researched and grown especially for their products.

    The public really loves the idea of low THC hemp-derived CBD, since it 1) eliminates the possibility of the fear that there may be THC in your products (which we assure you there is little to none), and 2) allows the user to feel at ease when it comes to knowing that there has been extensive research and tests before their product ever goes on the market.

    Below are some of the public’s favourite Love Hemp CBD products:

    Love Hemp Water: A first on the UK market, Love Hemp Water is a one of a kind products which infuses CBD into natural spring water. This is innovative and opens the doors to many more products like this. Part of the hashtag #HEMPREVOLUTION, this water places an emphasis on “the Health Conscious, the Social Media Savvy and the Fitness Aware” people.

    E-Liquid Vape Additive: Also an innovative product, the E-liquid Vape Additive is made specifically to add to any vape juice of your choice. It is a great product because it's versatile and easy to use, and it goes with their ideal of making CBD available to everyone in many different forms.

    Soft Gel Capsules: These are easily absorbed into the body thanks to the gel coating, instead of the solid capsule form. They range from low CBD levels to high CBD levels and are very affordable; especially for those who use capsules on a daily basis.

    Herts Hemp Logo

    Established in mid-2015, Herts Hemp has come a long way on this CBD journey. They have been producing high-quality hemp-derived CBD for a few years now, and they offer a smaller, but very professional variety of products that the public seems to love. Their mission is to create awareness about CBD in terms of health and lifestyle, and they always provide information about CBD for beginners, and for people who want to learn more about their products.

    Herts Hemp was recently featured in Live To 100 Magazine, which is a great goal met for them. The response they have been getting from the public has been good all the way through, and their reviews are usually around the 4-5 star ratings. Though countless people love Herts Hemp, there have been a few that wish they also sold Cannabis derived CBD.

    Below are some of the public’s favourite Herts Hemp products:

    CBD Drops: As the product with the quickest absorption rate among their collections, the Herts CBD Drops are among the best selling products on their site. The dropper they use is quite convenient and durable, and many people love that they come in different dosages, ranging from 250mg all the way up to a whopping 1800mg.

    Daily CBD Capsules: These CBD capsules are really simple and easy to use. They are odourless and flavourless, so many people love taking their CBD in this form. Their dosages are measured out to perfection, so you don’t have to worry about measuring out your dose every time, and their dosages are low, so they are easy to take daily. The bottles come with 750mg of CBD.

    Concentrated Paste: This is their strongest product, or can be depending on the size and dosage you choose to purchase. They do run at a higher price if you get higher CBD content and size, but this product is so high quality and so strong that it is more than worth its dollar, and a little bit goes a long way. The packaging for the paste is amazing because it is easy to use and easy to store away, and quite aesthetically pleasing at that.

    Harmony CBD Logo

    Harmony CBD began in 2008 as a non-profit organization in France, which researched hemp and cannabis, and subsequently CBD. Once CBD was legal, they began applying all their knowledge and research into developing their own products; which was very exciting for their followers. They are currently based out of Barcelona, Prague and London. With a very intimate team of approximately 25 people, they all share the same goal: to make CBD available to as many people as possible and to continue doing as much research as possible on CBD.

    Their reputation with the public has been very pleasant, with many people commenting on how transparent they are as a company, and how open they are with their clients and partners about their products, knowledge and future goals. Their most popular products are their e-liquid collections, but they also do well with their starter kits, etc.

    Here are some of the public’s favourite Harmony CBD products:

    CBD Vape Juice: The majority of their vape liquids are infused with Cannabis derived CBD, which many people like; but of course, they do have some that are derived from hemp, so there is something for everyone. All of their vape liquids are also created with naturally occurring terpenes, giving their juices a great flavour and adding nutrients. The liquids vary in dosages, but some claim that they don’t vary enough.

    Vape Starter Kits: Harmony CBD also offers packages called “Starter Kits” which consist one vape liquid (there are a couple of flavours to choose from) and a JoyeTech eGO AIO atomizer vape pen; which is perfect for beginners according to them. The liquids they feature in these collections are all customer favourites, and the eGO is a popular choice amongst beginners and long-time vapers alike, so this really is a great deal.

    CBD Crystals: These CBD crystals are the highly concentrated version of pure CBD in the form of crystals. They are generally highly coveted amongst the CBD community, and when Harmony CBD made them available, their clients were very happy. They consist of 99% pure CBD, and are great for many things, including the company’s suggested use: mixing them with vape liquid!

    Koi CBD Logo

    Established in 2015, this CBD company has had the same goal throughout their whole existence: To provide as much relief and help to as many people possible. The company board truly believe in the power of CBD and wanted to share it with the world, so they did! In the beginning, they did a lot of research on other existing brands and on the problems within the CBD industry; one of which was inconsistency and false advertisement. So, when they began to establish and develop their own brand, they were more than ready to provide reliable products they developed using the finest technology.

    Many people think of Koi CBD as one of the best available brands, thanks to their consistency, their care, their high-quality products and the great value of their products. Many people start their CBD journey with Koi CBD, which just goes to show they are appealing in the sense of reliability and trustability.

    Some of the best selling Koi products are:

    CBD Gummies:They take pride in the fact that instead of spraying or coating their gummies in CBD, they mix the CBD extract into their gummies 3 times to create a consistent smooth flavour as well as CBD dosage in each gummy they make. They come in many flavours and can be ordered in either sour or sweet versions, and depending on the size of bag you order, the bag contains either 60mg or 200mg of CBD.

    Koi Naturals CBD Oil:These oils are packaged mindfully, and their clients love it. They come in 5 different “strengths” or dosages of CBD and they come in 4 different flavours, which sets these apart from other CBD oils on the market. They also include additional cannabinoids such as CBDV and CBDG, which are both naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis and hemp plants to create a truly Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

    Koi Lavender: This is a CBD body lotion that is one of the public’s favourites when it comes to lotions and ointments. It is popular because this CBD lotion is made with 200mg of 99% pure CBD oil in 125ml of lotion, which makes it fairly strong. Amongst its natural ingredients, it includes organic aloe extract, coconut oil, natural hemp oil and lavender extract.

    The Original Alternative Logo

    Formerly known as the CBD Brothers, The Original Alternative began operating as a small, low-profile mail order manufacturer, but slowly gained the public’s high opinion, and began growing exponentially throughout the years. They now claim to be the “UK’s longest trading CBD brand” thanks to all their hard work, their passion and their consistent high-quality execution. They have also paired with many other of the industry’s big names, and are very much an active part of the UK’s CBD communities.

    Today, they make it a point to always provide CBD derived from only “ethically grown” hemp and cannabis plants and the public has always received this concept with open arms. They always make themselves available for any information or any questions their clients might have; which goes to show in their reviews.

    Some of The Original Alternative's clients’ favourite products have come to be:

    Full Spectrum CBD Oils:There are six different oils to choose from varying in different "strengths", and you also have the choice between oils extracted from Indica, Sativa or even Hybrid hemp and cannabis plants. To keep things simple, they have colour coded the oils making it easier for you to find your favourite. Many people appreciate the choices between plant strains as most CBD oils and extracts do not clarify which is used.

    Full Spectrum CBD Capsules: The same great full spectrum cannabinoid that is used in their oils is also used in their CBD Capsules. They are soft gel capsules suspended in certified organic coconut oil, and best of all, are suitable for vegans! Which can be very hard to find with soft gel capsules. Again, the capsules are colour coded and vary in CBD dosages and strains of the cannabis plant.

    CBD Whipped Body Butter: This is a CBD infused body butter that contains a mix of shea butter and coconut oil with a touch of lavender oil. It has a very smooth and creamy texture, but is lightweight and does not feel greasy in any way. It is packaged perfectly for on-the-go moments and lasts for a long time.

    What to Look For in a CBD Brand

    CBD Oil Bottle and hemp herbs on a wooden surface

    These days there are so many old and new brands on the market that getting to know each one and forming a relationship with the brand that is ever so essential can be a bit difficult. We know that everyone has their preferences and particular products or forms of CBD that appeal most to them. But the first and most important thing, to begin with, is getting to know your brands. So, we decided to take this time to talk about what is most important to look out for in a brand, and how to begin to get to know your products.

    Know the Brand’s Philosophy and Goals

    The first step to getting to know a brand is to do some research about what they stand for, what they value and what they are aspiring to do with their brand. You can see that in the introductions of each of the brands on this list we gave you the basics of each company’s philosophy. This step is important in every relationship, be it professional or not. It also shouldn't be hard to find.

    If you look into the brands you are considering, you should be sure to find a brand or two that makes you feel good about buying their products. For instance, if the brand believes in keeping their products all natural, and this is important to you, it is obvious this will be the brand you choose; and so on.

    We also suggest reaching out to brands and asking them questions, staying updated with all their newest developments and goals and never be afraid to let them know about what you think can be improved or worked on.

    Know Where Your CBD is Sourced

    Many brands love talking about where their plants are grown, how they’re grown and what they use to keep them healthy. So when you find a brand that believes that no fertilizers, no harsh chemicals and no pesticides are an important aspect of growing cannabis and hemp, you can feel better about using a product that is safer, cleaner and ethically sourced.

    Some companies still, unfortunately, extract their CBD and other naturally occurring components from industrial hemp. We’re not saying that doing so creates unusable CBD, or that it is a bad thing; we’re just letting you know that choosing a brand that cares for their plants and cares for the quality of their own CBD is one which is quite valuable on today’s market.

    We also suggest researching what methods of extraction they use to obtain their CBD, and if they are methods which you agree with. The majority of brands use CO2 extraction methods, which is generally accepted as most preferable since it uses the least amount of chemicals, but if you think that you’d like to try CBD that's extracted using a different method, just research some brands that use the said method.

    Research Your Prices

    Pricing is still “up in the air” when it comes to CBD products. There is still not a very demanding section of the market which regulates pricing. So, when you’re shopping around for a certain product, we think it is best to always check and see if you are getting the right price.

    Of course, countless brands offer amazing prices, such as the ones we offer on this site; but not all pricing is equal. So, we just wanted to mention this in order to make sure that you’re always getting a good deal on your products.

    While it is important to make sure you are paying the right price for your product, you should also make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Some cheaper products may have very little CBD in them and aren't even worthwhile.

    We know that shopping for CBD can be extremely confusing and that this is a lot of information to absorb, but we do hope it has been helpful. Bloom Botanics strives to not only provide customers with great CBD products but to also provide answers to the many questions people have about cannabinoids. Our blog provides answers to many questions you may have about CBD, and we are always open to suggestions for more great content!

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